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Updates to the Edinburgh & SE Scotland Real Ale Guide (4th edition):

Here you can find real ale outlets that are listed in our branch database. You can search within any of our three branch areas, that is, the Borders, City of Edinburgh and the Lothians. To assist your search we have provided maps of the areas, one each for the Borders and the Lothians, and two for the City of Edinburgh - a city centre map and an outer city map. A larger version is available for each map.

For the Borders and the Lothians your search will by place name pick list. The great majority of place names, which can be a town, village or district, are shown on the map. In a small number of cases, because of lack of space for the name, this is not possible. However the place name will appear in the pick list. Simply select the required name in the search form and click on the Submit button.

For City of Edinburgh your search will be by displayed map grid reference or by pub name. Both Edinburgh maps are provided with a grid, letters across the map, and numbers down it. For the map search, simply enter the letter/number combination (for example, A1) that you wish to use in the search form and click the Submit button. For the pub name search enter as many of the letters of the name as you know and then click on the Submit button.

Understanding the results of a search
Most of the information shown is self-explanatory. The field Map Grid Ref refers to the grid reference when using the on-line maps when searching pubs in Edinburgh.

The field Real Beers may include a single letter in square brackets. This is a code describing the method of dispensing the beer, and is the one used throughout the CAMRA Good Beer Guide, i.e.
Dispense Methods: [G] by gravity straight from the cask; [H] by handpump; [P] by gas, electric or mechanically powered pump; [A] by air pressure.

Note: Latest pub database update: 6 February 2020.