CAMRA's Manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections

CAMRA has been campaigning for over 40 years in Scotland for quality real ale, community pubs and the rights of pub-goers and real ale drinkers.

Scotland has:
  • 5,000 CAMRA members
  • 4,600 pubs
  • 120 breweries, with another 10 in the pipeline
Beer and pubs are close to the hearts of many voters in Scotland. CAMRA is asking election candidates to pledge their support for Scotland's pub-goers and beer drinkers by backing action to support Scotland's pubs and promoting Scottish breweries.

Our key asks for the Parliament are as follows:
  1. To introduce reform for pubs tied to large companies (pubcos) so that licensees have a fair and equitable relationship
  2. To review the impact of the drink driving policy on the pub sector and help support affect pubs
  3. To strengthen planning laws so that planning permission is always required before a pub can be demolished
  4. To make it easier for local people to take over their local pub through community ownership
  5. To retain and extend the current Small Business Bonus Scheme
  6. To work more closely with the Scottish Food and Drinks Industry to promote real ale and to encourage outlets to promote real ale from small brewers