November 2020

Good Beer Guide 2021


The 2021 Good Beer Guide is now out. Now in its 48th edition and features 4500 of the best real ale pubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The original independent guide to good beer and good pubs also lists every real ale brewery currently operating and their key beers. All entries are researched and selected by members of CAMRA branches.

This year's Good Beer Guide has also warned of the impact of COVID-19 on pubs, with celebrity chef Tom Kerridge penning the foreword, urging the country to ‘stay strong and stay positive’ despite the ongoing challenges.  

Kerridge says: “These figures are an early indication that all is not as it should be following a difficult year of lockdown restriction and social distancing measures. While every sector across the UK has felt the burden of COVID-19, brewers and pubs have most certainly taken the brunt of the impact.”

He adds: “The one thing that I think we have all missed during lockdown is human connection and social interaction, which above all else, is everything that the Great British Pub provides – a warm, happy and friendly place for people to drink and eat. It is imperative that we continue to support our breweries and pubs to preserve them for generations to come.”

There are around 60 pubs, hotels and other outlets open to the public within our branch area in the new Guide. For more information, see the GBG page at the national CAMRA website.