COVID-19 Coronavirus

The CAMRA National Executive today made the following announcements regarding measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • All CAMRA beer festivals, including the Great Welsh Beer Festival, planned between now and the end of June will be cancelled.
  • CAMRA’s Members Weekend, AGM and Conference weekend in York will be cancelled​.
  • The likelihood of the Great British Beer Festival going ahead is under review.
  • Planning for the 2021 Great British Beer Festival Winter will proceed.
  • Physical meetings, at a national, regional & branch level, should stop immediately.
The branch has therefore cancelled all future branch events until further notice. This includes the cancellation of upcoming branch social meetings, two-pub socials, and committee meetings. This decision was not taken easily, but we are currently living in difficult times.

We are very aware of the negative impact that these decisions will have on pubs, and the decisions reflect the seriousness of the health concerns related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. CAMRA is actively pursuing the government to support pubs during these difficult times. We encourage all beer-lovers and pub-goers to investigate ways to continue supporting the industry, whether that be ordering their brews online from independent retailers or supporting pub crowdfunding campaigns to keep afloat.

As the situation changes, we will try to keep you up-to-date as best we can. We will provide relevant updates on our Events Calendar. If you use Twitter, you can also follow us at CAMRA_Edinburgh.